Wound Care Alliance UK - History

  • The Wound Care Alliance UK charitable organisation was formed following the dissolvement of Wound Care Society and Tissue Viability Nurses Association  in August 2009.  The technology in wound care has improved but the objectives of the original organisations remains unchanged.
  • Previously the Wound Care Society provided professional educational support and the Tissue Viability Nurses Association produced guidelines, reports and protocols in response to issues through communication with the Department of Health and the commercial sector. Both these areas are now covered by Wound Care Alliance UK.
  • The objectives of the Wound Care Alliance UK: 
  • A members network
  • Educational resources
  • Production of best practice resources
  • A Communication Forum
  • Work in association with other charities to support national initiatives
  • Wound Care Alliance UK aims to nurture healthcare professionals working clinically and encourage them to pursue their education within tissue viability, bringing forward the Tissue Viability Nurses, Podiatrists & therapists of the future. 
  • Wound Care Alliance UK would provide Tissue Viability professional support and development for both specialist and non-specialist practitioners.  
  • A Wound Care Alliance UK objective is to provide a professional voice for significant national and international tissue viability issues for key stakeholders in the speciality of Tissue Viability.


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So, what do you get

Wound Care Alliance

So, what do you get for your Membership?

  • Educational Materials

  • Quarterly copy of the British Journal of Nursing, 'Tissue Viability' supplement

  • Opportunity to attend Wound Care Alliance UK events for £10.00 registration fee

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Meet the WCAUK team

Meet the Wound Care Alliance UK Team

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Join Wound Care Alliance UK and make a positive move towards wound care.

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