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Meet the team

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About Wound Care Alliance UK

It is with great excitement that the birth of this new charity is announced, Wound Care Alliance UK has risen phoenix-like from the ashes of the Wound Care Society (WCS) and Tissue Viability Nurses Association (TVNA). Both former organisations have been dissolved following extensive discussions and a proposal to members, who voted overwhelmingly in favour of dissolving the societies to form a new charity. Many members belonged to both former societies and welcomed the birth of a single new charity to provide help and support both educationally; which the Wound Care Society has always been proud to do and professionally as the Tissue Viability Nurses Association produced guidelines, reports and protocols and response to burning issues via communication with the Department of Health, especially the commercial sector. The WCS and TVNA websites will continue to function as the new website is built and it is hoped that previous members will join the Wound Care Alliance UK.

The formation of the Wound Care Alliance has also met the approval of the charities commission, unfortunately the new charity cannot use the phrase, 'Tissue Viability' within its title as the charities commission feel this could cause confusion.

The previous committee members of the former Wound Care Society and Tissue Viability Nurses Association have agreed to form an interim board of Trustees for the Wound Care Alliance UK, as the new charity evolves this board may changes.

The objectives of the Wound Care Alliance are as follows:

  • A members network
  • Educational resources
  • Production of evidence based Guidelines
  • A Communication Forum.

By doing so Wound Care Alliance hopes to nurture healthcare professionals working at a basic level and encourage them to pursue their education within tissue viability, bringing forward the Tissue Viability Nurses, Podiatrists & therapists of the future. Providing Tissue Viability professional support and development for both specialist and non-specialist practitioners.

Secondly; to provide a professional voice for significant national and international tissue viability issues for key stakeholders in the speciality of TV. For example; participating with EPUAP in the development of Pressure Ulcer Grading Scales; responding to Consultation documents released by the Department of Health and working with NHS Supply Chain with regard to tissue viability-related products .

Lastly; to provide user-friendly tissue viability information and resources for the public, acknowledging the challenges of problems such as obesity and its impact on patients psychological wellbeing and lifestyle with regard to skin problems, pressure damage, lymphoedema and equipment issues within primary and secondary care.

The Wound Care Alliance hopes to work in close collaboration with the Tissue Viability Society and other societies whenever the possibility arises.

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