Melanie Lumbers – Biography

Melanie is currently an independent tissue viability nurse and health visitor. She has worked within the field of Tissue Viability since 1999. Melanie was first appointed a tissue viability nurse for Bedford Hospital NHS Trust in 1999. With many years’ experience within the acute setting, Melanie has recently been working within the tissue viability service as a bank tissue viability nurse for Bedfordshire community NHS Trust. Melanie is a Registered general nurse, with a Bsc (hons) degree in Tissue Viability. She has also gained a post graduate diploma and Master’s degree in Public Health (SCPHN- HV).
Melanie has published numerous articles in both the British Journal of Nursing and Journal of Community Nursing; the varied topics include Moisture associated skin damage (MASD), off-loading heels, pressure ulcers, post -operative dressings, change within the NHS to name but a few topics. She has undertaken other work on behalf of other companies writing up case studies and research and undertaking and analysing literature reviews on tissue viability related areas.
Melanie is also a panel member on the Fitness to Practise panel for the NMC.
Melanie remains passionate about sharing best practice within tissue viability to all nurses and carers involved in delivering patient care. Melanie has seen many changes to the role of nursing since she qualified; with further changes within the role of tissue viability since she has worked in this area since 1999. Melanie believes it is essential that all nurses and carers understand the importance of skin care, pressure area care and prevention and wound care; finding ways to ensure information is delivered at a level appropriate to the staff member, supporting a greater understanding of the topic and how it relates to the patient / client/ resident.

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